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Conference facilities

The hotel has a supreme and noble presidential suite, gorgeous and elegant styles, suites, and comfortable rooms equipped facilities, a total of 320, both far away from the vast sea, but also enjoy the landscaped gardens. The hotel features 23 can accommodate 10 - 800 people, meeting rooms and function rooms, luxurious decoration style, meeting facilities, attentive service planning, high-quality theme parties, Western-style reception, Chamber of Commerce activities and the ideal venue for high-level government meeting.




Conferencing equipment

Projectors, large dual rear projection, DVD player, whiteboard, vertical podium, projector screen, color TV, exposing the drawing board, multi-system VCR, stage




Conference services for a simple example

Conference room with the princes: China's Spring and Autumn Period with the country's treasures, according to legend, a story with the country's monarch with Hou during trips to see a wounded serpent by the roadside painful with Hou Xinsheng compassion, it is the snake dressing bandageand then released into the bushes. The snake in order to appreciate the title of a glowing pearl that came with the Hou night with the Hou accommodation presented to the Sui Hou. This is called "snake beads" with Hou-chu. The best treasures, so named with Hou beads for our large conference room.